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High School Softball

Beaverton HS


Mark your calendars for SBGLL's 2018 Opening Day on April 14 from 9AM to 12:30PM! All teams will be getting their photos taken, we will have a Juniors Exhibition game and also lots of great SBGLL items for sale: blankets, hats, hair ties, long sleeve t-shirts, car decals and softball cookies!

Welcome to SBGLL

Spring Ball 2018 Registration:


Please use the "Registration Now" feature to your right or go to the Registration page. Visit our Levels of Play page for more detail about where your daughter(s) would best fit.

Important Information:

  • Every player will make a team.
  • Players new to softball and returning maybe assigned to a lower level by the league based on factors what is best for the player. (see Levels of Play)
  • Spring Evaluations will be for AAA and Majors players only used for placement by DRAFT by Coaches to a team (See information below).
  • AAA and Majors teams draft will be completed by March 4, 2018.
  • Lower level (T-Ball to AA) and Juniors will be formed in March after registration closes.
  • T-Ball to AA placement will based on various factors (player location, player request, Coach request, prior experience).
  • Coaches will be reaching out to their players after teams have been released.
  • All Coaches will be determining practice times and frequency based on their availability AFTER teams have been released.
  • Games will be determined once our SBGLL representative meets with the other D4 Leagues. The meeting will happen in March and is influenced by Coaches and field availability.
  • Our practices and home games will be at Scholls Heights Elementary, Conestoga Middle School, Barsotti Park, and Whitford Middle School (see Fields). Field designation for teams practices will be managed by the league based on level of play, field and Coach availability.

If you have any questions, please contact the registrar

We hope you have a great and fun season.


Majors All Stars Participated in the Little League Softball World Series

SBGLL is very proud of our Majors All Star players and coaches for winning the District 4 Tournament and participating in the Little League Softball World Series hosted here locally at Alpenrose!

Why Play Softball?

Check out SBGLL's 2-minute video featuring all levels of players, including SBGLL's 2016 State Champions, to help you and your daughter learn more about the benefits of playing softball!

It's all about that "base"

Starting a new tradition of championship community softball.
Desire to play in the Little League Softball World Series at Alpenrose Dairy.
2015: All Star 9-10 year old District Champions; two teams of 9-12 year old Honors Players

We are looking for volunteers of all kinds; coaches, Board members, committee chairs, financial donations and league sponsors.

thumb_download.jpgTo the equivalent of the Little League baseball World Series in Williamsport, PA; we have the Little League Softball World Series here at Alpenrose Dairy every August.

South Beaverton Girls Little League has a goal to develop each of our softball players to have the skills and teamwork, providing each the best possible opportunity to enter this tournament as the District 4 representative.

Please support the Little League Softball World Series with your commitment to your player and to our league as you support your team and volunteer at events.

Little League Softball® (11/12-year-olds)

  • Aug. 11 to Aug. 17 - Portland, Ore. (Alpenrose Stadium)
  • 23rd season in Portland; 43rd season overall
  • 2015 Champion: Rowan Little League (Salisbury, N.C.)

Please ask if you have questions on how you can help more.

Sponsor Spotlight


Alpenrose is much more than just a dairy! It's a family fun center, where kids can play baseball, hunt for Easter eggs and participate in any number of sports and learning activities.

Everything that has made Alpenrose what it is today is because the Cadonau family has always focused on the next generation. Henry Cadonau originally built the ball field for the grandkids to play on. Shortly after that, a representative from the Little League asked if they could use the ball field to host a portion of their baseball season. Henry said yes and soon after, an outfield fence, the dugouts, and the lights were added.

For over fifty years, kids from all over the world have come to play ball at Alpenrose Stadium. To this day, we still have the opportunity to see the joy in the eyes of kids and adults alike who have grown up around Alpenrose Dairy and have come to love and enjoy all that we try to do for the people in our community. They are truly what Alpenrose Dairy is all about.

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Upcoming Key Dates
Mid December
Early Spring Registration Opens
Mid March
Spring Season begins
End of May
Commitment to play Post Season
Mid June
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Early-Mid July
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Early August
Commitment to play Fall Ball Season
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SBGLL boundaries

If you reside within the boundaries of the following elemenary schools, you are a "member" of SBGLL.

  • Aloha Huber (BALL)
  • Beaver Acres (BALL)
  • Chehalem (BALL)
  • Cooper Mountain (BALL)
  • Errol Hassell (BALL)
  • Fir Grove (MHLL)
  • Greenway (RHLL)
  • Hazeldale (BALL)
  • Hiteon (MHLL)
  • Kinnaman (BALL)
  • McKay (RHLL)
  • Montclair (RHLL)
  • Nancy Ryles (MHLL)
  • Raleigh Hills (RHLL)
  • Raleigh Park (RHLL)
  • Scholls Heights (MHLL)
  • Sexton Mountain (MHLL)
  • Vose (RHLL)
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.