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High School Softball

Why Play Softball?
South Beaverton 2019 All-Stars
Announcing the South Beaverton All-Stars for 2019. Congratulations!
Majors All-Stars 8/10 All-Stars
Manager: Coach Brenda Peterson Manager: Coach Cisco Reyes
Players: Players:
Ainsley Arbow
Ellie Bennett
Zinnia Berg
Gianna DeFrank
Abby Dimeo
Sarina Douglas
Aubri Kruhm
Natalie Kawaguchi
Chloe Mann
Dezirae Martinez
Megan Reeves
Sophia Spyker
Hope Ashbrook
Avery Dimeo
Nellie Foust
Allison Glass
Skylar Hins
Taylor Lowe
Allison Mitchell
Olivia Patterson
Alix Penning
Kolbie Peterson
Kaila-Louise Reyes
Abigail Weisberger
Libby Wilson

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Alpenrose is much more than just a dairy! It's a family fun center, where kids can play baseball, hunt for Easter eggs and participate in any number of sports and learning activities.

Everything that has made Alpenrose what it is today is because the Cadonau family has always focused on the next generation. Henry Cadonau originally built the ball field for the grandkids to play on. Shortly after that, a representative from the Little League asked if they could use the ball field to host a portion of their baseball season. Henry said yes and soon after, an outfield fence, the dugouts, and the lights were added.

For over fifty years, kids from all over the world have come to play ball at Alpenrose Stadium. To this day, we still have the opportunity to see the joy in the eyes of kids and adults alike who have grown up around Alpenrose Dairy and have come to love and enjoy all that we try to do for the people in our community. They are truly what Alpenrose Dairy is all about.

Upcoming Key Dates
Mid December
Early Spring Registration Opens
Mid March
Spring Season begins
End of May
Commitment to play Post Season
Mid June
Post Season begins
Early-Mid July
Post Season
Early August
Commitment to play Fall Ball Season
Early September
Fall Ball Season begins
SBGLL boundaries

If you reside within the boundaries of the following elemenary schools, you are a "member" of SBGLL.

  • Aloha Huber (BALL)
  • Beaver Acres (BALL)
  • Chehalem (BALL)
  • Cooper Mountain (BALL)
  • Errol Hassell (BALL)
  • Fir Grove (MHLL)
  • Greenway (RHLL)
  • Hazeldale (BALL)
  • Hiteon (MHLL)
  • Kinnaman (BALL)
  • McKay (RHLL)
  • Montclair (RHLL)
  • Nancy Ryles (MHLL)
  • Raleigh Hills (RHLL)
  • Raleigh Park (RHLL)
  • Scholls Heights (MHLL)
  • Sexton Mountain (MHLL)
  • Vose (RHLL)
    If you have questions or problems, please read our Troubleshooting Guide.