Post Season General Information


Registration is now open for Post Season All-Stars teams. Registration will close May 27th. All players must be registered to be selected to an All Star team. We will vote on All-star teams the first week in June and announce.

At the end of the 2019 season, teams will be disbanded. At this point, All Star Teams will be selected from the pool of players who have submitted applications for post-season play. Players must have participated in over 60% of regular season games. A form/questionnaire will be emailed out to all qualified players late April/Early May, to determine post season intentions from all players.

Player accounts must be paid in full AND all appropriate documentation (birth certificates, proof of residency) must be on file.

SBGLL is eligible to field teams for the following tournaments: Juniors All Stars, Majors All-stars, 9/11 year old All Stars, and 8/10 year old All Stars. There will be no honors tournament this year. The SBGLL Board strives to place all players who desire to play post season on a team but will not make assurances space for everyone will be available.

Selection Process:

How does the selection process work?

The Majors All-Star team will be selected by the Majors Managers. The 9/11 All-Star Teams will be selected by the AAA Managers. The 8/10 All-Star Team will be selected by the AAA Managers. The managers will meet once the season is over. The team selection will be forwarded to the Board for approval. If the Board has concerns a player will not represent the league in a positive manner, the Board does have the option to remove the player from the roster and ask the Managers to select an alternate.

Selection will be made 06/02/2019.

League Expectations:

To be selected for a SBGLL post-season team is a privilege and an honor. It signifies that the player is recognized by the managers, coaches and SBGLL officials as having the skills and character to represent our league. Post-season tournaments are played against teams from other leagues. SBGLL has a reputation for fielding strong, competitive teams - ones that conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on our league. This standard of conduct is expected of all PLAYERS, PARENTS, COACHES, MANAGERS AND LEAGUE OFFICIALS.

Playing Time for Post Season:

For All-Stars: Players need to understand that the minimum play requirement for All-Stars, if the team only has 12 players or less, is one at-bat and six consecutive defensive outs. Some players will only play the minimum even though she is a top player on her regular season team. Minimum playing time for teams of 13 is one at bat. Each player needs to be willing to accept her role on the team. Parents need to understand that this up to each manager to decide playing time, and is not open to discussion with the manager.

Practices and Time Commitment:

The degree of commitment required of all players and their parents during post-season play is higher than expected during the regular season. Practices will begin immediately after the team announcements. Player's are required to attend ALL practices. If a player misses or is disruptive at practice, she can be removed from the team and another player may be selected to fill the spot. Practices may be in the morning, afternoon or evening. Sometimes there may be practices twice a day. Players can expect to have batting practice the morning of a game.

Cost to Families:

Post season registration fees will be between $135. This fee covers the cost for your batting jersey, socks, tournament entry fees, and field usage. The fee is due when you register for post season in Team Connect. If you do get selected on an All-star team, your registration fee will be refunded.

Parents are expected to get the players to ALL games that are within driving distances. If teams advance to tournaments that require overnight lodging and meals, parents need to plan for additional expenses. Families must make their own travel arrangements, at their own expense. The league provides uniforms and normal equipment required for the teams, anything beyond that is up to the team and the parents to provide.

Tentative 2019 Tournament Dates (These dates are not official, are just a rough idea to plan. Once announced by the district, we will let all know.)

8-10 SB All Stars - Start date, Sunday June 23rd
9-11 SB All Stars - Start date, Sunday June 23rd
Majors SB All Stars - Monday, July 15th

Important Documents:

Players making an All-Star team must provide the following documents;

PROOF OF AGE: We are required to prove each player's date of birth. The only acceptable form of proof is a government issued birth document certifying the participant's date of birth. It must be an original. A copy is not acceptable.

PROOF OF RESIDENCY: We are required to prove that each player lives within the SBGLL league boundaries. You will be asked to provide at least three documents that establish you live at a specific address. The documents of proof may include: parent(s) or guardian driver's license, voting registration card, school records, welfare record, federal, state and local records, homeowner or tenant property insurance or utility bills. Player's must be prepared to supply three pieces of documentation.

If you have any questions please contact Kevin Robinson (Player Agent)