THPRD Field Conditions

Field Conditions

Rainouts during the preseason

Field condition phone number: 503-629-6395

Updated message: During preseason, fields will be "all or none." That is, all will be declared playable or all will be declared not playable.

What will we base our decision on (play or cancel) during the preseason?

  1. The current field conditions at the HMT Complex, Sunset Park, TVWD and PCC fields.

  2. The current weather conditions.

  3. The amount of rain we have received over the past 72 hours.

  4. An updated forecast for the next 24 hours.

Rainouts during the game season

Field condition phone number: 503-629-6395

Update message: game fields only.

Update during the week: around 3 p.m. for youth and 4 p.m. for adults

Update on the weekend: around 7:30 a.m. for youth and by 3 p.m. on Sundays for adults

Inclement weather

The following guidelines for inclement weather on sports fields apply to all fields owned and/or maintained by THPRD, including those on Beaverton School District property and PCC Rock Creek. These guidelines cover the following field sports: football, soccer, lacrosse, cricket, softball, baseball and rugby. These guidelines are designed to generally assist coaches and field coordinators; however, they do not cover all situations. To a large extent, good judgment is the decisive factor. If it's not safe for the players or can cause damage to the field, it's not a good idea to play.

Fields are considered closed to play under the following conditions:

There has been 1 inch or more of rain in the preceding 12 hours.

The outside air temperature is 32 degrees or below.

Ice, snow, frost or slush is present on the playing surface.

When someone steps on the playing surface, water shoots up from the ground or is present around the individual's feet.

The ground is wet enough that a foot sinks into the turf or leaves a print.

Visible pools of surface water are present on the field.

The above conditions will result in significant damage, or lasting damage, that is time-consuming for THPRD to repair and can jeopardize future use of that field.

Fields may be closed if the following conditions are present:

Significant rainfall the day of use.

Rain following cold temperatures (this can cause slow drainage).

Slick mud resulting from over-use.

Footprints on the field that hold water.

Wet turf that could be damaged from play.

Significant turf loss due to weather, use, lack of water or soil compaction.

Please forward this information to coaches and field coordinators. Their cooperation will be key to preserving our fields in a safe and playable condition.

Warning: Do not ignore poor field conditions, rainout messages, or inclement weather advisories. Doing so will result in fields being removed from use for extended periods of time. Thank you.

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