South Beaverton Girls Little League: Regular Play Levels

A THPRD ID# is required w/ registration. All registration fees include team uniforms and an additional fee to cover amounts paid to THPRD for field use.

"Little League Age" based on player's age on December 31.

T-Ball (4-6 year olds)
Ages 4-6 years
Usually starts with hitting from tee, then may move to coach pitching. Expect 8-10 games for the season. No score is kept and the emphasis is on having fun. Teams bat through the line-up, and we try to get teams off the field after 3 innings. T-ball is a complex and at times slow game, so we encourage the managers to keep it moving. The focus is on introducing kids to the sport, and getting them interested in activities associated with the game so that they want to continue with baseball/softball next year.

Softball - A
Ages 6-8 years (Exceptions: 6s with T-ball experience or 8s new to softball).
Expect about 15 games per season. Coaches will pitch using a safety ball. Some kids will use a Tee at the beginning of the season then phase to no Tee by the end of the year. Single A is recommended for players who have a basic understanding and proficiency of the game and/or have completed 1 year of T-ball. Fundamentals are a focal point at this level as well as getting the kids to swing aggressively at the ball. Coaches will focus on identifying bases and positions.They will teach to run from, through and around bases. Players will learn how to catch a ball without dropping, throw with accuracy and knowledge to where to throw the ball, field a slowly hit/thrown ground ball, how to bat the line up and understand what an out is and how to get it.

Softball - AA
Ages 7-9 years (Exceptions: 7s with prior A experience or 10s if new to softball and does not pose a safety issue)
Expect approximately 12-14 games for the season. There is both player pitch and machine pitch with a real softball. Player should be able to put the ball into play at least 50% of the time off the machine at the beginning of the season. Player should be able to put the ball in play or get walked at least 50% of "at bats" off kid pitch by the end of the season. Player should have knowledge of how to stay in the box and the batting stance. The coaching emphasis on the mechanics of fielding, throwing and hitting will continue. Kids should know how to catch a pop up, back up bases, field harder hit ground balls and move to the proper throwing position. Players should have an understanding of defensive positions and how all the positions work. Knowledge of base running skills - leading off, rounding bases, stealing, sliding, over throws and advancing one base should be covered. Players should be able to make reasonable throws from SS/2nd to 1st with reasonable accuracy and throw the full 60' between bases. Pitchers need to have the proper delivery techniques and mechanics - not so much emphasis on speed. Catchers should focus on position and safety.

Softball - AAA
Ages 8-11 years
Players pitch the entire season. You can expect approximately 18-21 games for the season. At this level, players attend an evaluation in February to determine their skill level. The fundamentals of fielding, catching, throwing, and hitting are evaluated. Players who show the skills needed to be successful at this more advanced level will be placed onto a AAA team. After evaluations, it is possible that some players may play AA for the season.

Softball - Majors
Ages 10-12 years (very few 10s play majors level)
Expect approximately 20-25 games for the season. Players at this level are required to attend a evaluations for drafting teams. Fielding, catching, throwing, and hitting fundamentals will be evaluated to determine if the player has the skills to be successful at the Majors level.

Juniors & Seniors
Players over the age of 12 years. Players that register in this age group will play with girls in neighboring leagues.