On 2018 date TBD, there will be a District 4 Umpire Training Clinic from 8am - 4pm at Conestoga Recreation & Aquatic Center (9985 SW 125th, Beaverton 97008).

To register, contact

Cost: FREE to all District 4 Little League affiliated Umpires, Managers, and Coaches.

This is a one-day clinic designed to get you ready for umpiring during the coming season. It is a condensed version of the same program offered by Western Region Little League in San Bernardino, California.

The clinic is offered by the District's Umpire Staff and senior officials. This training is offered by Little League, teaches Little League mechanics and is intended for those who will umpire Little League games.

Clinic Content

  • Umpire roles and responsibilities.
  • Strategy for seeing the full strike zone.
  • Proper positioning on the bases.
  • Drills to reinforce presentations.
  • Suggestions for dealing with conflict.
  • 2018 Rules changes and Rules Review.

Who should attend? The clinic is intended to teach individuals with little or no experience to be competent and effective. It also offers more experienced umpires the opportunity to sharpen their skills.

Wear comfortable attire and gym shoes. Many leagues require their new umpires to attend this clinic before they are allowed to work a game. All PLATE umpires must attend in 2018 or prior year

Make sure you bring attendance verification forms and other documentation from your league if they are required.


Important Information for Umpires

If you are interested in umpiring for South Beaverton Girls Little League, please contact us at


The league provide a rule book. The manager of the home team will have a face mask, chest protector, & shin guards for the plate umpire. They sometimes have a counter and plate brush, but you may want to buy your own. If you have your own protective gear, you're welcome to use it instead. Guys provide their own protective cup. Little League rules require plate umpires to wear cups. You should have your own copy of the softball rule book with you at games, as well as a watch or other time keeping device.

We expect umpires to dress neatly, wearing their umpire hat (if they have one), long pants (gray is preferred but not required), their umpire jersey (tucked in!), and dark colored, closed shoes (cover any white markings on shoes with dark tape). It's OK to wear the shin guards on the outside of your pants and to wear a dark, long sleeved shirt or jacket under your jersey for warmth. No shorts or sandals. If you look and act the part, your decisions are more likely to be respected.

If you don't get scheduled right away, don't panic. If you're inexperienced or only available one day a week, you won't be assigned to games as often as someone who is more experienced or more available. The league won't schedule you for a game without confirming with you first. Most scheduling will be done weekly by e-mail on Sunday night, so check your messages often. The phone will be used mostly for urgent, last minute contacts. Please arrive at your scheduled game 15 minutes ahead of time so that you have time to introduce yourself, talk with the managers and scorekeepers, and put on your gear. If you show up later than this, coaches get nervous, or someone has been found to take your place. If another umpire is late or doesn't show, you may be asked to cover a different position or game. Speak up if you aren't comfortable with what you're asked to do.

Majors are $50 Plate; $30 Base
AAA between SBGLL teams are $50 Plate; $30 Base
AAA interlock is $50 Plate

Rain out notification procedures vary by league! When SBGLL is the home team: Call the THPRD rain out line after 3pm on weekdays/ 8:30 am on Saturdays. If the game is cancelled after you arrive at the field, but before the game starts, you will be paid $15. If the game is cancelled after it starts, you will be paid in full. For games at Alpenrose, there is a rainout line that is checked daily by the league's Alpenrose Coordinator. If there is a rainout, the Coordinator will update team managers about an Alpenrose rain out. Please do not call or contact Alpenrose directly about the field conditions.

If you agree to do a game, you need to be there, no excuses. Don't agree to do a game until you have checked your schedule for conflicts and you know you have transportation. If you miss a game without contacting the umpire coordinator, you may not be scheduled again.

However, if you do have a true emergency, contact us immediately by sending an email to

Umpire Registration